Anti racism reports released after thirteen years of suppression

Action by Institute Chair Andrew Jakubowicz has forced the released under Freedom of Information of two research reports on racism in Australia in the Hanson period, deemed too hot for the Australian people to read by PM John Howard. The reports were prepared to back a national anti-racism campaign, canned by the Coalition and replaced with Living in Harmony. The extent and intensity of the racism revealed by the focus groups and survey undertaken by Eureka research (now part of the global Ipsos conglomerate), would have provided further evidence to critics of how the Howard government's refusal to condemn Hanson, and its support for the attack on "political correctness" was licensing prejudice and intolerance. At a time when the Labor government has announced its own new anti-racism campaign, this research provides crucial information about the state of mind of the Australian people a decade or more ago, and what it takes to engage with our deep-seated fears of cultural difference.  Read the reports here.

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